It is recognised for the majority of children and young people, mainstream schools provide the most appropriate learning environment.  However, some young people have missed significant periods of education through either illness; anxiety and mental health issues or challenging behaviour that has resulted in exclusion from school.

At New Horizons we provide a fresh start for all young people regardless of their previous past experiences.  We place high regard to developing positive relationships amongst staff, young people and their families.  We believe a true team and partnership approach will maximise the potential of every young person.

We provide an opportunity for all young people on our roll to access a high quality, stimulating and efficient education provision that will promote each young person’s personality, talents and abilities to the fullest.  Our tailored approach meets the individual needs of young people developing opportunities for learning both inside and outside the classroom, and through academic, vocational and bespoke learning pathways.  We provide a safe environment that supports the development of health and well-being of young people.  We promote the importance and value of Welsh culture and language.

We embed a high aspiration for all young people on our roll to embrace the opportunities afforded to them in order that they may fulfil their potential as empowered individuals and as members of groups and communities, thereby improving their life chances.

We reward and celebrate the success of our young people on roll of New Horizons.  We recognise that for some young people small steps of success are a significant achievement.  We will support young people to make substantial changes in their lives and encourage them to gain knowledge, understanding, positive attitudes and values and make constructive use of their skills, resources and time. 

We specifically support, promote and celebrate success of young people who achieve accredited outcomes at Key Stage 4 and make successful transition to post 16 further education, employment or training.  At Key Stage 3, we specifically support, promote and celebrate successful return to mainstream or special schools.