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We are a portfolio pupil referral service with Wrexham County Borough Council, providing education for secondary aged young people who are unable to attend mainstream school.  We operate across three sites, namely; Stiwdio Hafod, Stiwdio Pen-y-Cae and Haulfan, that specialise in supporting individual pupil needs relating to behaviour and emotionally based school avoidance.

Stiwdio Hafod is a short stay / de-escalation key stage 3 site for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Stiwdio Pen-y-Cae is key stage 4 site for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Haulfan is a key stage 3 and 4 site for pupils with emotionally based school avoidance.

We recognise mainstream schools provide the very best education for children and young people in Wrexham.  However, some children and young people will face real difficulties in their lives that have created significant barriers to learning.  Our aspiration is to re-build self-confidence and esteem, in order for children and young people to successfully re-engage with their learning.  We recognise and celebrate successful transition to mainstream or special school settings.  We particularly target support at key stage 4 to ensure successful transition into further education, employment or training.

Finally, we are proud of our friendly and welcoming approach to all children, young people and families.  Whatever challenging circumstances you find yourselves in, we guarantee a fresh start and fantastic opportunity for all.

Darren Lee


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