At New Horizons we believe that for our young people to gain the greatest benefits from their education, it is vital that they attend regularly. Our students should be ready for their taxi collection, unless there is a reason for absence that is absolutely unavoidable. It is very important that parents and carers recognise their responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly and on time.

It is worth noting:

  • 90% attendance = ½ a day a week missed
  • 90% attendance = 4 weeks missed every year
  • 90% attendance = ½ a school year missed every 5 years.

Every 17 missed days a year could result in your child achieving a grade less at the end of the year.

Parent / Carer Responsibility

Only let your child stay at home if they are genuinely ill. If your child is going to be absent, please contact New Horizons before 9.15 am to advise us of the reason for absence and when you expect them to return to school.

Where possible make medical appointments outside of New Horizons hours and ensure that holidays are taken during New Horizons holidays only.

What you can do if there is a problem with your child’s attendance.

Talk calmly to your child and listen to the explanation. Contact the Pastoral Manager to address the reason for their non-attendance.

Your child’s welfare is important to us. We can help you resolve issues and can offer support for you and your child. You are not alone.

What we will do if there is a problem with your child’s attendance.

A copy of the New Horizons Attendance Policy can be found under the section ‘Policies’.

Parents and carers are reminded that it is their legal responsibility for their child to attend school.

Please see the policies page for our Attendance Policy.