In accordance with Welsh Government Curriculum for Wales framework, Gorwelion Newydd will provide learning:

•that enables learners to develop in relation to the four purposes.

•which is suitable for learners of differing ages, abilities and aptitudes.

•which is broad and balanced, and offers appropriate progression.

•which includes learning that develops cross-curricular skills.

•which encompasses the Health and Well-being area of learning and experience.   

•which encompasses Relationships and Sexuality Education – RSE that is developmentally appropriate for each learner.

Our aim is to provide as broad and balanced a curriculum as possible, which includes the other areas of learning and experience (Expressive Arts, Humanities, Languages, Literacy and Communication, Maths and Numeracy, Science and Technology).

The key stage 3 curriculum is organised into three annual cycles and broadly delivered through a thematic / topic based approach.  The emphasis will be on creativity that supports innovation of an exciting and dynamic curriculum.  Pupil have been consulted on our topic / curriculum design.  A collaborative approach is adopted to enhance the delivery of our curriculum e.g. Eco Schools, School Nurses, North Wales Police, Info Shop, Spectrum Project, Proud Trust.

Examples of our topics include:

Welsh Castles; Wexham FC; Welsh Language; History of Wrexham; Wrexham Ghosts and Legends; Artificial Intelligence; Homes of the Future; The World of Social Media; The World of Film; Changing Trends in Shopping; Crime and Punishment; War; Different Cultures; The World of Books; Fast Food v Healthy Food; The Physical World; Life in the Jungle; Wildlife and Sustainability; The World’s Great Cities; The Apprentice.

Pupils complete baseline assessments on and are reassessed in accordance with our assessment cycle.  These assessments include: reading, writingnumeracy, digital competence and PASS (Pupil Attitude to Self and School).

A termly progress report and a full annual report are completed for all pupils.

Cyclic topics

2023 – 2024

Cycle A (Autumn term)
Artificial Intelligence, Homes of the Future, Different Cultures, Fast Food v Healthy Food