Supporting Additional Learning Needs

Many of our children and young people attending New Horizons have missed significant aspects of learning and have a broad range of Additional Learning Needs (ALN) that all act as barriers to learning. 

We provide all children with small step target documents; supported through baseline assessments, that develop pupil progression relating to their individual learning needs.  Pupil Centred Plans are integral to this process and ‘Pupil Passports’ ensure these are ‘live’ and referenced both on site and in off-site learning environments. Discrete lessons and intervention programmes are delivered that focus on pupil progression with the cross-curricular skills of literacy and numeracy. 

Taught lessons are in small groups that focus on individual learner needs.  There is strong emphasis on developing active learning and a variety of activities based within the classroom and wider community.  Our aim is to provide a wide range and variety of enrichment activities including sport, music and creative arts. This may include the commissioning of private and third sector organisations that are fully quality assured.

Please see our policies page for a copy of our Additional Learning Needs Policy.