Our moto, ‘Opportunity Aspiration and Success’, mean that learning is considered to be a partnership between young people, staff and parents. We aim to create an environment based on encouraging young people to engage with the opportunities afforded to them and where they will aspire for success as a result of the delivery of high quality teaching and learning across New Horizons.

The curriculum at New Horizons is designed to be engaging, exciting and challenging. We want all our young people to be fully prepared for their futures by providing them with a range of opportunities and developing their character, which will support transition back to school or into further education, employment or training.

At New Horizons our staff work hard so that all students are challenged and supported to make sustained and substantial progress in all aspects of their learning. This is achieved through:

Consistent High Expectations

The high expectations underpinned by New Horizons’ ‘ Opportunity, Aspiration, Success’ drive lessons that are conducted in a positive working environment that is conducive to high quality teaching and learning.

Stretch and Challenge

All lessons contain a variety of learning activities and tasks to ensure that young people are at all times engaged and challenged. Teachers employ a range of strategies that offer the opportunity to transfer, reinforce and extend the knowledge and skills of the young people they teach.

High Quality Feedback

As a service we aim to foster a consistent approach to the feedback young people receive; high quality feedback, both written and verbal, provides young people with clear next steps on what they need to do to improve and develop the quality of their work.

Raising Aspirations

New Horizons nurtures the talents of every young person and recognises that some are especially talented in a particular area, such as sports or music.  Our health and well being programme is a key component of our curriculum and involves activities outside of the normal classroom environment, which enables our young people to widen their experience and develop specific skills for life.